Revolutionary War English Hanger
(circa 1750-1768)

This type of sword had considerable service with American and British forces during the French & Indian War and American Revolution. The sword bears the maker's mark of Samuel Harvey. Harvey's mark, the "running fox" is stamped on both sides of the blade. The sword has a double-branch pattern with a dished heart-shaped counterguard without raised borders. Replicas of this sword were used as props in the "The Patriot," a motion picture staring Mel Gibson.

This sword is identical to the English Hanger, Plate 19.S, in George Neumann's book Swords & Blades of the American Revolution.

  The hanger was originally used by the infantry to supplement their muskets during close fighting. As the 18th century progressed and the bayonet gained acceptance, the hanger gradually lost favor. By the end of the Revolutionary War, they were mostly in the hands of sergeants.
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