Revolutionary War German Hanger
(circa 1767-1777)

This type of sword saw service with British, American, and Hessian (German) senior non-commissioned officers during the American Revolution. The sword pommel has been fashioned into an animal's head. The D-shaped guard has a double langet. The wooden grip had cord wrapped around it before the leather covering was added. Twisted wire was then wrapped around the leather to hold it in place. The blade is hand-engraved with flags, pikes, spears, a wreath, foliage, and a sword. "G. Keller" is hand-engraved on one side of the blade. The other side has the word "Solingen." The sword has its original leather and brass scabbard.

This sword is similar to the German Hanger, Plate 47.S, in George Neumann's book Swords & Blades of the American Revolution.

American NCO during Rev. War