Early American "Small Sword"
(circa 1780-1800)

18th Century Gentleman

This sword has been in my family for several generations. It is a "small sword" from the period following the Revolutionary War. It is very similar to English and French small swords dating from the late 1700s. The sword was probably assembled in America using parts manufactured in Europe. The blade is marked A&A, Schnitzler, Solingen.

The small sword was the popular civilian pattern accepted as part of a gentleman's normal attire. It was often worn during ceremonies and other occasions where fighting was not expected. The small sword continued in wide popularity until the 1780s. The thin straight blade was designed only for thrusting. The hilt includes a simple knuckle-bow and counter-guard.

Many years ago, I saw an identical sword displayed at Fort Ticonderoga, NY. This fort saw action during both the French & Indian War and American Revolution.