Mounted Artillery Officer's Saber
(circa 1800-1810)

This mounted artillery officer's Ketland eagle pommel sword has a 5 ball guard and counter-guard, and fluted bone grip. The brass hilt, guard, and pommel show evidence of gold plating. The blade has faint hand engravings of a liberty cap on a pole, foliage, pikes, spears, and a drum. The word "Warranted" is hand engraved on one side of the blade. The identity of the maker is unknown.

The Ketland eagle pommel is attributed to William Ketland, a gun maker in Birmingham, England. Ketland sold his pommels to many different sword makers. The Ketland eaglehead pommel is characterized by an upward looking eagle with closed beak. The tang of the blade is inserted through the eagle pommel and then hammered until the blade, handle, and guard are tight.


Fighting at Fort Stephenson, Ohio, 1812