Model 1840 Non-Commissioned Officer's Sword
(circa 1840-1898)

Union Army Sergeant

This sword was found in 2011 wrapped in a blanket hidden in the rafters of an old barn in Caroline County on the Maryland eastern shore. An original U.S. Model 1863 Springfield Musket was found nearby. These well-made swords where carried by Union Army sergeants to denote their rank and status as noncommissioned officers.

During the Civil War, Union men from this part of Maryland typically joined Company F (Denton Section), 1st Regiment Eastern Shore Infantry. This regiment saw action at Culp's Hill during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Following this, they returned to defensive positions along the Maryland eastern shore.

One side of the blade is marked "Emerson & Silver, Trenton, NJ." The other side is stamped U.S., 1863, and has inspector marks D.F.M. (for Dexter F. Mosman). While most scabbards for this type sword are made of leather, Emerson & Silver constructed their scabbards from iron, which was then japaned black. This produced a much stronger product that protected the blade from rust and corrosion.