Model 1850 Staff & Field Officer Sword
(circa 1850-1872)

Union Officer with Model 1850 Staff & Field Officer Sword

On April 9, 1850, the Army adopted a standard saber for all staff and field officers of infantry, artillery, and riflemen. Although designated for use by senior officers through the rank of colonel, several generals (on both sides) carried this type sword during the Civil War.

The blade of the Staff & Field Officer sword is so slightly curved that it looks straight at first glance. It is single-edged with a false edge extending back nine inches from the point. There is a wide deep fuller which runs from the ricasso to the beginning of the false edge, and a narrow fuller above the broad one which is approximately five inches shorter. The obverse side of the blade is decorated with etched designs which include floral sprays and military trophies, an American eagle, and a large ribbon with the motto "E PLURIBUS UNUM." The reverse side bears the letters "U.S." The blade is marked 'W. CLAUBERG SOLINGEN' and has the Clauberg Standing Knight logo. Clauberg was one of the foremost blademakers during the Civil War. The spine of the blade is marked "IRON PROOF." The grips are covered with ray skin and wrapped with twisted gilt wire. The guard is of the half-basket design with two branches on the obverse side. The spaces between these branches is filled with pierced floral designs and the letters "US." All metal parts of the hilt are gilded brass. The scabbard is metal with brass throat, middle band, and tip.

This is the same type of sword carried by COL Joshua L. Chamberlain during his heroic stand at Gettysburg.