Model 1860 Staff & Field Officer Sword
(circa 1860-1872)

The U.S. Model 1860 Staff & Field Officer Sword was worn by officers in the rank of major and above, and by more junior officers filling staff positions. It was designed to replace the heavier and much sturdier Model 1850 Staff & Field Officer Sword. The blade of this sword is signed "Bent & Bush, Boston, Mass." (This firm was an established military outfitter catering to Union officers during the Civil War.)

It has acid etched surfaces depicting a stand of arms, cannons, flags, an American eagle, and the letters "U.S." The hilt has an ornately decorated "clamshell" folding guard embossed with an American Eagle and Stand of Arms. The original sharkskin grip is held in place with twisted wire.

Federal officers carried the M1860 Staff & Field Officer's Sword during the Civil War and Indian Wars.


Union officer with M1860 Sword