German Officer's Sword
(Early 20th Century)

German officer during early 1900s

The blade on this officer's sword is marked "G.E.B.R. Weyersberg, Solingen," the abbreviation for Gebrueder Weyersberg (Weyersberg Brothers). The counterguard bears a coat of arms with a banner inscribed "Furchtlos und Trew," meaning "Fearless and Faithful." This is the coat of arms of the state of Wuerttemburg. This sword is most likely some sort of regulation pattern for officers in that state, and probably dates to the early 20th Century.

Solingen, Germany, has been a center for the manufacture of excellent edged weapons for several centuries. The same companies have remained in business with little change in names, and often the symbols used in the earliest days of guilds and hallmarking continue in use today. This makes precise dating of anything not identifiable to a specific military year or model somewhat difficult.